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Daniel 5.14 The Variable Hey Jack, how did you get back? How did you do it, how did you get back to the island? 3,173 Tweet This Quote More
Daniel 5.14 The Variable Well I got some bad news for you Jack, you don't belong here at all. She was wrong. 3,131 Tweet This Quote More
Sawyer 5.14 The Variable Welcome to the meeting, Twitchy. Good to see you again. Pound cake's in the kitchen, help yourself to the punch. 889 - More
Sawyer 5.14 The Variable You called it the minute those yahoos got here. I should have listened to you. 3,154 Tweet This Quote More
Eloise 5.14 The Variable For the first time in a long time... I don't know what's going to happen next. 3,132 Tweet This Quote More
Charles 5.14 The Variable He's my son too, Eloise. 3,233 Tweet This Quote More
Jack 5.14 The Variable We disappeared off a plane in mid-air and ended up in 1977... I'm getting kinda used to insane. 1,147 - More
Daniel 5.14 The Variable You knew... you always knew... you knew this was gonna happen... you sent me here anyway. 3,023 Tweet This Quote More
Daniel 5.14 The Variable In about four hours, the Dharma folks at the Swan worksite, they're going to drill into the ground and accidentally tap into a massive pocket of energy. The result of the release of this energy will be catastrophic. So, in order to contain it, they're going to have to cement the entire area in, like Chernobyl. And this containment, the place they built over it, I believe you called it the hatch... the Swan hatch. 802 - More
Daniel 5.14 The Variable Because of this one accident, these people are gonna spend the next 20 years keeping that energy at bay, by pressing a button... a button, that your friend Desmond, will one day fail to push, and that will cause your plane, Oceanic 815, to crash on this island. 793 - More
Daniel 5.14 The Variable Because your plane crashed, a freighter will be sent to this island, a freighter I was on on, and Charlotte was on, and so forth, this entire chain of events, it's gonna start happening this afternoon. 715 - More
Daniel 5.14 The Variable I think I can negate that energy, under the Swan, I think I can destroy it. If I can, then that hatch will never be built, and your plane, your plane will land, just like it's supposed to. And all this ends. 757 - More
Daniel 5.14 The Variable I'm gonna detonate a hydrogen bomb. 3,036 Tweet This Quote More
Daniel 5.14 The Variable You can't change the past, can't do it, whatever happened, happened. But then, I finally realised. I had been spending so much time focused on the constants, that I forgot about the variables. And do you know what the variables in these equations are, Jack? Us. We're the variables. People. We think, we reason, we make choices, we have free will... we can change our destiny. 708 - More
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