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Locke 5.06 316 I wish you had believed me. 3,275 Tweet This Quote More
Frank 5.06 316 We're not going to Guam, are we? 3,293 Tweet This Quote More
Jack 5.06 316 Wherever you are John, you must be laughing your ass off, that I'm actually doing this... cos this, this is even crazier than you are. 787 - More
Jack 5.06 316 You wanted me to go back, I'm going back. 3,312 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Jack 5.06 316 Jack: The other people on this plane, what's gonna happen to them? Ben: Who cares? 2,319 Tweet This Quote More
Hurley 5.06 316 Dude, you might wanna fasten your seat belt. 2,443 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Jack 5.06 316 Jack: How can you read? Ben: My mother taught me. 2,329 Tweet This Quote More
Jack, Kate 5.06 316 Jack: You don't think that it means something? That somehow we're all back together? Kate: We're on the same plane, Jack. Doesn't make us together. 736 - More
Eloise 5.06 316 The Dharma Initiative called it The Lamp Post. This is how they found the island. 1,956 Tweet This Quote More
Ben 5.06 316 We're all convinced sooner or later, Jack. 2,128 Tweet This Quote More
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