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Desmond 3.21 Greatest Hits I'm sorry, brother, but this time... this time you have to die. 3,225 Tweet This Quote More
Charlie 3.21 Greatest Hits 5. The first time I heard myself on the radio. 4. Dad teaching me how to swim. 3. The Christmas Liam gave me the ring. 2. Woman outside Covent Garden calls me a hero. 1. The night I met you. 838 - More
Charlie 3.21 Greatest Hits It's the five best moments of my sorry excuse for a life, my greatest hits. You know, memories are all I've got. 843 - More
Jack 3.21 Greatest Hits Tomorrow night, we stop hiding, we stop running, we stop living in fear of them, because when they show up, we're going to blow them all to hell. 868 - More
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