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Pickett 3.02 The Glass Ballerina Shocked. I said shocked. If you talk to eachother, you're gonna be shocked. If you touch eachother, you're gonna be shocked. If you're slacking, you're gonna get shocked. Matter of fact, you do anything at all that pisses me off, you're gonna get shocked. 826 - More
Sawyer 3.02 The Glass Ballerina You taste like strawberries. 3,271 Tweet This Quote More
Colleen 3.02 The Glass Ballerina I know you, Sun-Hwa Kwon. And I know you're not a killer. But despite what you may think, I'm not the enemy. We are not the enemy. But if you shoot me, that's exactly what we'll become. 804 - More
Kate, Sawyer 3.02 The Glass Ballerina Sawyer: You taste like strawberries. Kate: You taste like fish biscuits. 2,687 Tweet This Quote More
Kate, Pickett, Sawyer 3.02 The Glass Ballerina Kate: You expect me to work in this dress? Pickett: Well, it's up to you. You can take it off if you want. Sawyer: How dare you? 755 - More
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