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Dave 2.18 Dave You know what tastes even better than freedom? Cheeseburgers. 3,254 Tweet This Quote More
Sawyer 2.18 Dave Great plan, Moonbeam. After that we can sing 'Kumbaya' and do trust falls. 3,220 Tweet This Quote More
Ben 2.18 Dave I never entered the numbers, I never pushed the button. 3,293 Tweet This Quote More
Charlie, Hurley 2.18 Dave Hurley: Did either of you see a guy run through here... in a bathrobe... with a coconut? Charlie: No... I saw a polar bear on rollerblades with a mango. 1,628 - More
Sawyer 2.18 Dave I've got enough food now to open a chain of mini marts. Hey, you think Sayid needs a job? 2,324 Tweet This Quote More
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