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Locke 1.19 Deus Ex Machina I've done everything you wanted me to do, so WHY did you do this?! 3,263 Tweet This Quote More
Boone 1.19 Deus Ex Machina Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs. 3,321 Tweet This Quote More
Jack 1.19 Deus Ex Machina Look Kate, I'd love nothing more than to check the guy out and make sure he's OK, but we both know all I'm gonna get for my trouble is a snappy one-liner, and if I'm real lucky, a brand-new nickname. 837 - More
Jack, Michael 1.19 Deus Ex Machina Jack: Picking up on a little Korean there, Michael? Michael: Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know how to say, uh, "faster" and "idiot". 812 - More
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