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Charlie 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Guys... where are we? 3,288 Tweet This Quote More
Sawyer 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 I'm a complex guy, sweetheart. 3,254 Tweet This Quote More
Charlie 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 That's French! The French are coming! I've never been so happy to hear the French! 3,240 Tweet This Quote More
Locke 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Two players, two sides. One is light, one is dark. 3,380 Tweet This Quote More
Boone 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 We‚??ve all been through a trauma! The only difference is that since the crash you‚??ve actually given yourself a pedicure. 887 - More
Hurley 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Hey, guy, you awake? Yo, there's a rescue plane, we're saved, yay!! Yeah, he's out. 3,090 Tweet This Quote More
Sawyer 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 I saw a guy lying there with an ankle holster, so I took the gun, thought it might come in handy. Guess what, I just shot a bear!! 818 - More
Sawyer 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 He had a clip-on badge. I took that too, thought it was cool. 3,165 Tweet This Quote More
The Radio 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Iteration 1-7-2-9-4-5-3-1 3,231 Tweet This Quote More
Shannon 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Please... please help me... please come get me... I'm alone now... I'm on the island alone... please, someone come... the others, they're dead... it killed them, it killed them all. 861 - More
Charlie, Sayid 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Charlie: They'll find us. They have satellites in space that can take pictures of your license plate. Sayid: If only we were all wearing license plates. 801 - More
Hurley 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Dude, I'm starving, but I am nowhere near that hungry. 2,341 Tweet This Quote More
Charlie, Kate 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Kate: Does anyone know how to use a gun? Charlie: I think you just pull the trigger. 2,254 Tweet This Quote More
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