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Tom 4.08 Meet Kevin Johnson Manhattan, huh? We let you leave one island, you just go to another one. 3,122 Tweet This Quote More
Tom 4.08 Meet Kevin Johnson I've got some bad news for you amigo, you can't kill yourself, the island won't let you. 3,172 Tweet This Quote More
Tom 3.09 Stranger in a Strange Land You see this glass house you're living in, Jack? How about I get you some stones. 3,189 Tweet This Quote More
Sawyer, Tom 3.01 A Tale of Two Cities Tom: Hey, you got yourself a fish biscuit! How'd you do that? Sawyer: Figured out your complicated gizmos, thats how. Tom: It only took the bears two hours. Sawyer: How many of 'em were there? 780 - More
Tom 2.11 The Hunting Party This is not your island. This is our island. And the only reason that you're livin' on it, is because we let you live on it. 849 - More
Tom 2.11 The Hunting Party We've got a misunderstanding, Jack; your people, my people. So listen carefully. Right here there's a line. You cross that line, we go from misunderstanding to something else. Now give me your weapons, turn around, go home. 801 - More
Tom 1.25 Exodus, Part 3 We're gonna have to take the boy. 3,330 Tweet This Quote More
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