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Flocke, Sayid 6.10 The Package Sayid: I don't feel anything. Flocke: Excuse me? Sayid: Anger, happiness, pain... I don't feel it anymore. Flocke: Maybe that's best, Sayid... it'll help you get through what's coming. 684 - More
Ben, Sayid 6.06 Sundown Ben: There's still time. Sayid: Not for me. 1,446 Tweet This Quote More
Hurley, Sayid 6.03 What Kate Does Hurley: You're not a zombie, right? Sayid: No, I am not a zombie. 1,682 Tweet This Quote More
Sayid 5.17 The Incident, Part 2 Nothing can save me. 3,143 Tweet This Quote More
Sayid 5.15 Follow The Leader I don't know if you're aware of this but I've already changed things... I killed Benjamin Linus. 1,175 - More
Sawyer, Sayid 5.10 He's Our You Sawyer: How you doin'? Sayid: A 12 year old Ben Linus bought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing? Sawyer: Sweet kid, huh? Sayid: How can you live with him here? Sawyer: Cos I ain't got a choice. 737 - More
Sawyer, Sayid 5.10 He's Our You Sayid: Who is that man? Sawyer: He's our you. 2,049 Tweet This Quote More
Sayid 4.09 The Shape of Things to Come I spent the last eight years of my life searching for the woman I love... I finally found her and I married her... then I buried her yesterday. So don't tell me this is not my war. 862 - More
Sayid 2.23 Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1 I don't know what is more disquieting; the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes. 859 - More
Sayid 2.17 Lockdown We did find your balloon, Henry Gale. Exactly how you described it. We also found the grave you described. Your wife's grave. The grave you said you dug with you own bare hands. It was all there. Your whole story. Your alibi. It was true. But still I did not believe it to be true. So I dug up that grave... and found that there was not a woman inside, there was a man. A man named Henry Gale. 889 - More
Sayid 2.11 The Hunting Party This music is quite depressing. 3,298 Tweet This Quote More
Sayid 2.08 Collision What good would it be to kill you... if we're both already dead? 3,157 Tweet This Quote More
Sayid 2.06 Abandoned I will never leave you. I love you. 3,138 Tweet This Quote More
Sayid 1.10 Raised By Another We're not alone. 3,279 Tweet This Quote More
Rousseau, Sayid 1.09 Solitary Sayid: I'm a survivor of a plane crash. I found the wire on the beach. I followed it. I thought it might have something to do with... a transmission we picked up on a receiver... a recording... a mayday with a French woman repeating on a loop for sixteen years. Rousseau: Sixteen years... has it really been that long? 777 - More
Sayid 1.08 Confidence Man I have worse things to fear than what's in the jungle. What I did today, what I almost did, I swore to do never again. If I can't keep that promise, I have no right to be here. Someone has to walk the shore and map the island. See what else there is. I can't think of a better person to do it than the only one I trust. I hope we meet again. 878 - More
Sayid 1.03 Tabula Rasa If we tell them what we know, we take away their hope... and hope is a very dangerous thing to lose. 830 - More
Charlie, Sayid 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Charlie: They'll find us. They have satellites in space that can take pictures of your license plate. Sayid: If only we were all wearing license plates. 801 - More
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