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Richard 6.09 Ab Aeterno You wanna know a secret, Jack?? Something I've known a long, long time?? You're dead. I mean literally, we're all dead. Every single one of us. And this, this, all this, it's not what you think it is. We're not on an island, we never where. We're in hell. 653 - More
Jack, Richard 6.07 Dr Linus Richard: There's something I need to do. Jack: To do what? Richard: Die. 1,360 Tweet This Quote More
Richard 6.07 Dr Linus Jacob touched me. And when Jacob touches you, well, it's considered a gift. Except it's not a gift at all, it's a curse. 681 - More
Richard 6.07 Dr Linus I devoted my life, longer than you can possibly imagine, in service of a man who told me that everything was happening for a reason, that he had a plan... a plan that I was a part of, and when the time was right, that he'd share it with me. And now that man's gone, so why do I wanna die, because I just found out my entire life had no purpose. 713 - More
Flocke, Richard 6.04 The Substitute Richard: Why do you look like John Locke? Flocke: I knew he'd get me access to Jacob. Because John's a candidate. Or, at least he was a candidate. 661 - More
Flocke, Richard 6.04 The Substitute Richard: What do you mean, a candidate? Flocke: Didn't Jacob tell you any of this? Richard: Any of what? Flocke: Oh, Richard, I'm sorry. You mean you've been doing everything he told you all this time, and he never said why? I would never have done that to you, I would never have kept you in the dark. Richard: What would you have done? Flocke: I would have treated you with respect. 711 - More
Flocke, Richard 6.04 The Substitute Flocke: Come with me, and I promise, I'll tell you everything. Richard: No. Flocke: Are you sure about that, Richard? Because people seldom get a second chance. Richard: I'm not going anywhere with you. 682 - More
Richard 5.17 The Incident, Part 2 Ille qui nos omnes servabit. 3,229 Tweet This Quote More
Richard 5.16 The Incident, Part 1 I have been here a long time, John, and I have seen things on this island that I can barely describe, but I've never seen someone come back to life. 791 - More
Jack, Richard 5.16 The Incident, Part 1 Richard: Over twenty years ago, a man named John Locke, he walked right into our camp, and he told me that he was gonna be our leader. I've been off the island three times since then, to visit him, but he never seemed particularly special to me. You know him, Locke? Jack: Yeah, yeah I know him... and if I were you, I wouldn't give up on him. 680 - More
Richard 5.15 Follow The Leader Yes, I was here 30 years ago, and I do, I remember these people, I remember meeting them very clearly because... I watched them all die. 860 - More
Ben, Richard 5.15 Follow The Leader Richard: I'm starting to think John Locke is gonna be trouble. Ben: Why do you think I tried to kill him? 755 - More
Richard 5.11 Whatever Happened, Happened If I take him, he's not ever gonna be the same again. What I mean is that, he'll forget this ever happened, and that his innocence will be gone. He will always be one of us. 788 - More
Locke, Richard 5.01 Because You Left Richard: Next time we see each other, I'm not gonna recognise you, all right? You give me this... Locke: What is this? Richard: It's a compass. Locke: What does it do? Richard: It points north, John... 774 - More
Locke, Richard 5.01 Because You Left Richard: The only way to save the island, John, is to get your people back here. The ones who left. Locke: Jack, Kate? But the chopper was headed for the boat. The boat... Richard: No, they're fine, John, and they're already home, so you have to convince them to come back. Locke: How... How am I supposed to do that? Richard: You're gonna have to die, John. 679 - More
Richard 5.01 Because You Left You're gonna have to die, John. 2,059 Tweet This Quote More
Richard 3.07 Not In Portland Is it true that you successfully impregnated a male field mouse? 3,237 Tweet This Quote More
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