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Jacob 6.09 Ab Aeterno Think of this wine as what you keep calling hell. There's many other names for it too: malevolence, evil, darkness. And here it is, swirling around in the bottle, unable to get out because if it did, it would spread. The cork is this island and it's the only thing keeping the darkness where it belongs. That man who sent you to kill me believes that everyone is corruptable because it's in their very nature to sin. I bring people here to prove him wrong. And when they get here, their past doesn't matter. 648 - More
Ben, Jacob 5.17 The Incident, Part 2 Ben: So, why him? Hmm? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me? Jacob: What about you? 3,177 Tweet This Quote More
Jacob 5.17 The Incident, Part 2 They're coming. 3,263 Tweet This Quote More
Jacob 5.17 The Incident, Part 2 Benjamin, whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing. You have a choice. You can do what he asked... or you can go... leave us to discuss our... issues. 807 - More
Jacob 5.16 The Incident, Part 1 It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress. 3,129 Tweet This Quote More
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