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Ben, Ilana 6.07 Dr Linus Ben: Because he is the only one that will have me. Ilana: I'll have you. 1,316 Tweet This Quote More
Ilana 6.07 Dr Linus Jacob was the closest thing I had to a father. 1,422 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Ilana 6.07 Dr Linus Ilana: Pick it up and start digging. Ben: Dig what? Ilana: A grave. Ben: For who? Ilana: You murdered Jacob. It's for you. 682 - More
Ben, Ilana 6.04 The Substitute Ben: John Locke killed them. Ilana: All by himself? Ben: Yes. He turned into a pillar of black smoke, and he killed them right before my eyes. Ilana: Did it kill Jacob as well? Ben: Yes. Ilana: Then where's his body? Ben: Locke kicked him into the fire and he burned away. 668 - More
Ben, Ilana 6.04 The Substitute Ben: What's to stop "what they're up against" from changing his face? Ilana: He can't, not anymore. He's stuck this way. 720 - More
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