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Ben, Frank 6.07 Dr Linus Frank: I was supposed to be flying it. Oceanic 815. Ben: And why didn't you? Frank: I overslept. Ben: Come on... Frank: Can you believe it? Imagine how different my life would be had that alarm gone off. Ben: How different would it have been? The island still got you in the end, didn't it? 678 - More
Frank 6.04 The Substitute This is the weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to. 1,523 Tweet This Quote More
Frank 5.16 The Incident, Part 1 From my experience, the people who go out of their way to tell you they're the good guys, are the bad guys. 804 - More
Ben, Frank 5.09 Namaste Frank: Sun, I want you to think about this, OK? This guy is dangerous. Sun, that boat I came here on, it was filled with commandos who's only mission was to get him. Ben: And, how'd that work out for everyone? 727 - More
Frank 5.06 316 We're not going to Guam, are we? 3,293 Tweet This Quote More
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