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Charles 6.11 Happily Ever After That man is the only person I'm aware of in the world who has survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event. I need to know that he can do it again, or we all die. 638 - More
Charles 5.14 The Variable He's my son too, Eloise. 3,233 Tweet This Quote More
Charles 5.12 Dead Is Dead I hope you're right, Benjamin. Because if you aren't, and it is the island that wants her dead, she'll be dead. And one day, you'll be standing where I'm standing now, you'll be the one being banished, and then you'll finally realise, that you cannot fight the inevitable. 804 - More
Charles 5.07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham There's a war coming, John... and if you're not back on the island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win. 740 - More
Charles 5.03 Jughead Their leader is some sodding old man. What, you think he can track me? You think he knows this island better than I do? 756 - More
Charles 4.09 The Shape of Things to Come Don't stand there looking at me with those horrible eyes of yours, and lay the blame for the death of that poor girl on me, when we both know very well I didn't murder her at all, Benjamin. You did. 799 - More
Charles 4.09 The Shape of Things to Come You creep into my bedroom in the dead of night, like a rat, and have the audacity to pretend that you're the victim? I know who you are, boy. What you are. I know that everything you have you took from me. 804 - More
Charles 4.09 The Shape of Things to Come That island's mine, Benjamin. It always was... it will be again. 3,224 Tweet This Quote More
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