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Ana Lucia 2.16 The Whole Truth Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack. 2,769 Tweet This Quote More
Ana Lucia 2.07 The Other 48 Days If I were a savage I would have cut off his finger already... that's tomorrow. 3,208 Tweet This Quote More
Ana Lucia, Eko 2.07 The Other 48 Days Ana Lucia: You've been waiting 40 days to talk? Eko: You waited 40 days to cry. 2,843 Tweet This Quote More
Ana Lucia 2.06 Abandoned They came the first night, took three of us. Then they came back, and took nine more. They're smart, and they're animals, and they could be anywhere at any time. Now we're moving through the jungle - their jungle - just so you can save your little hick friend over here. And if you think that one gun and one bullet is gonna stop them... think again. So shut your mouth and keep moving. 777 - More
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