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Sayid 1.10 Raised By Another We're not alone. 3,279 Tweet This Quote More
Rousseau, Sayid 1.09 Solitary Sayid: I'm a survivor of a plane crash. I found the wire on the beach. I followed it. I thought it might have something to do with... a transmission we picked up on a receiver... a recording... a mayday with a French woman repeating on a loop for sixteen years. Rousseau: Sixteen years... has it really been that long? 777 - More
Sayid 1.08 Confidence Man I have worse things to fear than what's in the jungle. What I did today, what I almost did, I swore to do never again. If I can't keep that promise, I have no right to be here. Someone has to walk the shore and map the island. See what else there is. I can't think of a better person to do it than the only one I trust. I hope we meet again. 878 - More
Sayid 1.03 Tabula Rasa If we tell them what we know, we take away their hope... and hope is a very dangerous thing to lose. 830 - More
Charlie, Sayid 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Charlie: They'll find us. They have satellites in space that can take pictures of your license plate. Sayid: If only we were all wearing license plates. 801 - More
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