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Hurley 6.05 Lighthouse What if we time travelled again, to like dinosaur times, and then we died and then we got buried here... what if these skeletons are us? 701 - More
Hurley 6.05 Lighthouse What if these skeletons are us? 1,479 Tweet This Quote More
Hurley, Jack 6.05 Lighthouse Jack: Did I tell you how I found this place? Hurley: You were looking for water, right? Jack: No... I was chasing the ghost of my dead father. He led me here. That was his coffin, before I smashed it to pieces. Hurley: Why d'you do that? Jack: Because he wasn't in it. 662 - More
Hurley 6.05 Lighthouse This is cool, dude. Very old school. You know, you and me, trekking through the jungle, on our way to do something that we don't quite understand... good times. 662 - More
Hurley, Jack 6.05 Lighthouse Hurley: It's a lighthouse. Jack: I don't understand, how is it that we've never seen it before? Hurley: Guess we weren't looking for it. 691 - More
Hurley, Sayid 6.03 What Kate Does Hurley: You're not a zombie, right? Sayid: No, I am not a zombie. 1,682 Tweet This Quote More
Hurley 6.01 LA X, Part 1 Nothing bad ever happens to me. I'm the luckiest guy alive. 1,665 Tweet This Quote More
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