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Hurley, Sawyer 2.23 Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1 Hurley: Did that bird just say my name? Sawyer: Yeah... right before it crapped gold. 3,196 Tweet This Quote More
Charlie, Hurley 2.18 Dave Hurley: Did either of you see a guy run through here... in a bathrobe... with a coconut? Charlie: No... I saw a polar bear on rollerblades with a mango. 1,629 - More
Hurley 2.13 The Long Con You gonna put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em both up? 2,393 Tweet This Quote More
Hurley 2.09 What Kate Did So... Rose's husband is white. Didn't see that one comin'. 2,334 Tweet This Quote More
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