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Charlie, Claire 1.05 White Rabbit Claire: People don't seem to look me in the eye here. I think I scare them. The baby, it's like I'm this time bomb of responsibility just waiting to go off. Charlie: You don't scare me. 799 - More
Hurley, Miles 5.11 Whatever Happened, Happened Hurley: When we first captured Ben, and Sayid, like, tortured him, then why wouldn't he remember getting shot by that same guy when he was a kid? Miles: Huh... I hadn't thought of that... 741 - More
Hurley, Sayid 6.03 What Kate Does Hurley: You're not a zombie, right? Sayid: No, I am not a zombie. 1,682 Tweet This Quote More
Dogen, Jack 6.03 What Kate Does Dogen: There is a darkness growing in him, and once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was will be gone. Jack: How can you be sure of that? Dogen: Because it happened to your sister. 677 - More
Jack, Rose 1.04 Walkabout Jack: Everyone who was in the rear of the plane is dead. Rose: They're probably thinking the same thing about us. 775 - More
Hurley, Sawyer 3.10 Tricia Tanaka is Dead Sawyer: What's your problem, Jumbotron? Hurley: Shut up, red... neck... man. Sawyer: Touché. 3,168 Tweet This Quote More
Jin, Sawyer 3.10 Tricia Tanaka Is Dead Sawyer: I'm sorry. Jin: I'm sorry. Sawyer: Okay, nice. Keep it coming. Jin: Uh, you were right. Sawyer: Okay. That's two. Hit me. Jin: Those pants don't make you look fat. Sawyer: Now you got it. Only three things a woman needs to hear. 836 - More
Jack, Kate 3.23 Through the Looking Glass, Part 2 Jack: He killed them. Bernard, Jin, Sayid, all three of them. He radioed the beach. And I let it happen. We can't tell Rose, or Sun, not yet. We gotta keep moving, I promised Sayid that we would keep moving. Kate: So why did you bring him back? Why didn't you just kill him? Jack: Because I want him to see it. I want him to experience the moment that we get off this island, and I want him to know he failed. Then I'll kill him. 736 - More
Jack, Juliet 3.23 Through the Looking Glass, Part 2 Jack: Don't do anything stupid. Juliet: I won't if you won't. 2,253 Tweet This Quote More
Juliet, Sawyer 3.22 Through the Looking Glass, Part 1 Sawyer: So, are you screwing Jack yet? Juliet: No, are you? 2,301 Tweet This Quote More
Miles, Sawyer 5.05 This Place is Death Sawyer: You speak Korean, Red? Miles: Obviously... 2,152 Tweet This Quote More
Locke, Sawyer 5.05 This Place is Death Sawyer: You sure you don't want us to lower you down? Locke: Where would be the fun in that? 2,000 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Locke 4.13 There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 Locke: Ben, what did you do? You just killed everybody on that boat. Ben: So? 3,265 Tweet This Quote More
Jack, Locke 4.13 There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 Jack: You threw a knife into the back of an unarmed woman, you led half of our people across the island and got most of them killed. Locke: Well Jack, you put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger. I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones. 793 - More
Flocke, Richard 6.04 The Substitute Richard: Why do you look like John Locke? Flocke: I knew he'd get me access to Jacob. Because John's a candidate. Or, at least he was a candidate. 661 - More
Flocke, Richard 6.04 The Substitute Richard: What do you mean, a candidate? Flocke: Didn't Jacob tell you any of this? Richard: Any of what? Flocke: Oh, Richard, I'm sorry. You mean you've been doing everything he told you all this time, and he never said why? I would never have done that to you, I would never have kept you in the dark. Richard: What would you have done? Flocke: I would have treated you with respect. 711 - More
Flocke, Richard 6.04 The Substitute Flocke: Come with me, and I promise, I'll tell you everything. Richard: No. Flocke: Are you sure about that, Richard? Because people seldom get a second chance. Richard: I'm not going anywhere with you. 682 - More
Ben, Ilana 6.04 The Substitute Ben: John Locke killed them. Ilana: All by himself? Ben: Yes. He turned into a pillar of black smoke, and he killed them right before my eyes. Ilana: Did it kill Jacob as well? Ben: Yes. Ilana: Then where's his body? Ben: Locke kicked him into the fire and he burned away. 668 - More
Ben, Illana 6.04 The Substitute Ben: Locke, do you know why he carried Richard out into the jungle? Ilana: He is recruiting. 1,415 Tweet This Quote More
Flocke, Sawyer 6.04 The Substitute Sawyer: Thought you were dead? Flocke: I am. 1,503 Tweet This Quote More
Flocke, Sawyer 6.04 The Substitute Sawyer: Here's to being dead. Flocke: You're taking this extremely well. Sawyer: Taking what extremely well? Flocke: That I'm here. Sawyer: I don't give a damn if you're dead, or time travelling, or ghosts of Christmas past. All I care about's this whiskey, so bottoms up, and get the hell out of my house. 669 - More
Flocke, Sawyer 6.04 The Substitute Sawyer: Who are you? Cos you sure as hell ain't John Locke. Flocke: What makes you say that? Sawyer: Because Locke was scared, even when he was pretending he wasn't. But you, you ain't scared. 716 - More
Flocke, Sawyer 6.04 The Substitute Flocke: Why are you on this island? Sawyer: I'm on this island, because my plane crashed, because my raft blew up, cos the helicopter I was on was riding one too many. Flocke: That's not why you're here. And if you come with me, I will prove it. 686 - More
Flocke, Sawyer 6.04 The Substitute Sawyer: What are you? Flocke: What I am is trapped. And I've been trapped for so long that I don't even remember what it feels like to be free. Maybe you can understand that. But before I was trapped, I was a man, James. Just like you. 650 - More
Ben, Ilana 6.04 The Substitute Ben: What's to stop "what they're up against" from changing his face? Ilana: He can't, not anymore. He's stuck this way. 720 - More
Flocke, Sawyer 6.04 The Substitute Flocke: The third choice James is that we just go. We just get the hell of this island, and we never look back. Sawyer: How do we do that? Flocke: Together. So what do you say, James... are you ready to go home? Sawyer: Hell yes. 627 - More
Flocke, Sayid 6.10 The Package Sayid: I don't feel anything. Flocke: Excuse me? Sayid: Anger, happiness, pain... I don't feel it anymore. Flocke: Maybe that's best, Sayid... it'll help you get through what's coming. 683 - More
Ana Lucia, Eko 2.07 The Other 48 Days Ana Lucia: You've been waiting 40 days to talk? Eko: You waited 40 days to cry. 2,843 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Locke 3.13 The Man from Tallahassee Locke: Where do you get electricity? Ben: We have two big hamsters running around in this giant wheel in our secret underground lair. 784 - More
Ben, Locke 3.13 The Man from Tallahassee Ben: You have been on this island for 80 days, John. I have been here my entire life. So what makes you think you know this island better than I do? Locke: Because you're in the wheelchair, and I'm not. 837 - More
Jack, Sawyer 2.13 The Long Con Jack: What are you doing? Sawyer: Shh, I'm like this close to getting the high score on Donkey Kong. 2,257 Tweet This Quote More
Jack, Kate 5.04 The Little Prince Jack: Sawyer's not dead. Kate: No... but he's gone. 2,183 Tweet This Quote More
Locke, Sawyer 5.04 The Little Prince Locke: Light came on, shot up into the sky, at the time I thought it meant something. Sawyer: Did it? Locke: No, it was just a light. 780 - More
Juliet, Sawyer 5.04 The Little Prince Sawyer: Ajira? Juliet: Ajira, it's an airline, it's based out of India but they fly everywhere. Sawyer: Great, maybe they got a flight out of here to Vegas. 818 - More
Juliet, Sawyer 5.04 The Little Prince Sawyer: I saw Kate... last night, in the jungle, before the last flash... delivering Claire's baby. Juliet: That was two months ago. Sawyer: Time travel's a bitch. 742 - More
Juliet, Sawyer 5.04 The Little Prince I was close enough to touch her... if I wanted to I could have stepped right up and talked to her. Juliet: Why didn't you? Sawyer: What's done is done. 719 - More
Kate, Locke 5.07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Locke: I was angry. I was... obsessed. Kate: Look how far you've come. 2,085 Tweet This Quote More
Flocke, Jack 6.13 The Last Recruit Jack: You look just like him. Flocke: Does it bother you? Jack: No, what bothers me is I don't have any idea what the hell you are. 641 - More
Jack, Kate 6.13 The Last Recruit Kate: He's different now. Jack: I guess we're all different now. 1,171 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Jacob 5.17 The Incident, Part 2 Ben: So, why him? Hmm? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me? Jacob: What about you? 3,177 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Sun 5.17 The Incident, Part 2 Sun: What happened to the rest of the statue? Ben: I don't know, it was like that when I got here. Sun: Do you expect me to believe that? Ben: Not really. 739 - More
Ben, Sun 5.16 The Incident, Part 1 Ben: Everyone answers to someone, and the leader answers to Jacob. Sun: What's he like? Ben: I don't know Sun, I've never met him. 677 - More
Jack, Richard 5.16 The Incident, Part 1 Richard: Over twenty years ago, a man named John Locke, he walked right into our camp, and he told me that he was gonna be our leader. I've been off the island three times since then, to visit him, but he never seemed particularly special to me. You know him, Locke? Jack: Yeah, yeah I know him... and if I were you, I wouldn't give up on him. 680 - More
Kate, Sawyer 3.02 The Glass Ballerina Sawyer: You taste like strawberries. Kate: You taste like fish biscuits. 2,687 Tweet This Quote More
Kate, Pickett, Sawyer 3.02 The Glass Ballerina Kate: You expect me to work in this dress? Pickett: Well, it's up to you. You can take it off if you want. Sawyer: How dare you? 755 - More
Jack, Kate 4.03 The Economist Kate: Kind of stinks, huh? Being told not to come along. Now you know what it‚??s like to be me. Jack: Does that mean I should wait 20 minutes and go anyway? Kate: Touch√©. 720 - More
Jack, Locke 6.14 The Candidate Jack: What happened, happened, and you can let it go. Locke: What makes you think letting go is so easy? Jack: It's not. In fact, I don't really know how to do it myself. And that's why I was hoping that maybe you could go first. 620 - More
Jack, Sawyer 1.03 Tabula Rasa Sawyer: You're just not looking at the big picture, Doc. You're still back in civilization. Jack: Yeah? And where are you? Sawyer: Me? I'm in the wild. 733 - More
Jack, Sawyer 1.03 Tabula Rasa Jack: You shot him in the chest? Sawyer: I was aiming for his heart. Jack: You missed. 2,270 Tweet This Quote More
Claire, Flocke 6.06 Sundown Claire: You going to hurt them? Flocke: Only the ones who won't listen. 1,387 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Sayid 6.06 Sundown Ben: There's still time. Sayid: Not for me. 1,446 Tweet This Quote More
Hurley, Miles 5.13 Some Like It Hoth Hurley: Dude, there's a body bag back here, with a body in it. Miles: That's traditionally what you put in a body bag. 684 - More
Hurley, Miles 5.13 Some Like It Hoth Hurley: Dude, that guy's a total douche. Miles: That douche is my dad. 1,676 Tweet This Quote More
Miles, Naomi 5.13 Some Like It Hoth Miles: As much as hunting down a mass murderer sounds really safe, I'm gonna pass, thanks for the audition. Naomi: My employer is willing to pay you 1.6 million dollars. Miles: When do we leave? 697 - More
Rousseau, Sayid 1.09 Solitary Sayid: I'm a survivor of a plane crash. I found the wire on the beach. I followed it. I thought it might have something to do with... a transmission we picked up on a receiver... a recording... a mayday with a French woman repeating on a loop for sixteen years. Rousseau: Sixteen years... has it really been that long? 777 - More
Jack, Michael 1.09 Solitary Michael: This is a problem, man. Jack: Yeah. Michael: I mean, I know what I'd do, but... it's gotta be your call. Jack: Okay. Give me a seven iron. 768 - More
Charlie, Sayid 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Charlie: They'll find us. They have satellites in space that can take pictures of your license plate. Sayid: If only we were all wearing license plates. 799 - More
Charlie, Kate 1.02 Pilot, Part 2 Kate: Does anyone know how to use a gun? Charlie: I think you just pull the trigger. 2,254 Tweet This Quote More
Jack, Locke 2.03 Orientation Locke: Why do you find it so hard to believe? Jack: Why do you find it so easy? Locke: It's never been easy!! 799 - More
Hurley, Jack, Sawyer 5.09 Namaste Hurley: So what‚??s up with you guys in the old Dharma jump suits? Sawyer: We‚??re in the Dharma Initiative. Jack: They came back to the island? Sawyer: No, we came back. And so did you. It‚??s 1977. Hurley: ... Er... what? 733 - More
Ben, Frank 5.09 Namaste Frank: Sun, I want you to think about this, OK? This guy is dangerous. Sun, that boat I came here on, it was filled with commandos who's only mission was to get him. Ben: And, how'd that work out for everyone? 727 - More
Jack, Kate, Sawyer 2.17 Lockdown Jack: Saywer, you're busted, I got it all, and it wouldn't be fair for you to go and pick more mangos. Sawyer: Oh, I've got a hell a lot more than mangoes. You want to play for real stakes? Name 'em. Jack: It's a pile of fruit, man. Sawyer: And I want it back. Kate: Should I go and get a ruler? 764 - More
Hurley, Sawyer 2.23 Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1 Hurley: Did that bird just say my name? Sawyer: Yeah... right before it crapped gold. 3,196 Tweet This Quote More
Hurley, Jack 6.05 Lighthouse Jack: Did I tell you how I found this place? Hurley: You were looking for water, right? Jack: No... I was chasing the ghost of my dead father. He led me here. That was his coffin, before I smashed it to pieces. Hurley: Why d'you do that? Jack: Because he wasn't in it. 662 - More
Hurley, Jack 6.05 Lighthouse Hurley: It's a lighthouse. Jack: I don't understand, how is it that we've never seen it before? Hurley: Guess we weren't looking for it. 690 - More
Daniel, Miles, Sawyer 5.08 LaFleur Miles: Dan, we don't get involved, right? That's what you said. Daniel: It doesn't matter what we do. Whatever happened, happened. Sawyer: Yeah thanks anyway play-doh, I'm going over there. 777 - More
Juliet, Sawyer 5.08 LaFleur Juliet: That sub behind you bought me here, I've been trying to get off of this island for more than three years and now I've got my chance. I'm going to leave. Sawyer: You do realise it's 1974, whatever it is you think you're going back to, don't exist yet. Juliet: That's not a reason not to go. 735 - More
Ben, Flocke 6.02 LA X, Part 2 Ben: What are you? Flocke: I'm not a 'what', Ben, I'm a 'who'. Ben: You're the monster. 1,674 Tweet This Quote More
Kate, Sawyer 6.02 LA X, Part 2 Sawyer: Where are we? Kate: We're at a temple. Sawyer: We got caught by the Others again? Kate: Yeah, only this time they're protecting us... I think. 674 - More
Ben, Flocke 6.02 LA X, Part 2 Flocke: You should know, he was very confused when you killed him. Ben: I seriously doubt that Jacob was ever confused. Flocke: I'm not talking about Jacob. I'm talking about John Locke. Do you want to know what he was thinking while you choked the life out of him, Benjamin? What the last thought that ran through his head was? "I don't understand". Isn't that just the saddest thing you ever heard? 658 - More
Jack, Kate 6.01 LA X, Part 1 Jack: Where are we? Kate: At the hatch. Jack: They built it? Kate: Yeah... they built it. 1,572 Tweet This Quote More
Juliet, Sawyer 5.03 Jughead Sawyer: Who taught you Latin? Juliet: Others 101. Gotta learn Latin. Language of the enlightened. Sawyer: Enlightened my ass. 1,807 - More
Locke, Sawyer 5.03 Jughead Sawyer: Are you crazy? What were you thinking? Why didn't you shoot him? Locke: Because... he's one of my people. 1,833 - More
Juliet, Locke 5.03 Jughead Locke: How do you know Richard will be here? Juliet: Richard's always been here. Locke: How old is he? Juliet: Old. 1,857 - More
Sawyer, Sayid 5.10 He's Our You Sawyer: How you doin'? Sayid: A 12 year old Ben Linus bought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing? Sawyer: Sweet kid, huh? Sayid: How can you live with him here? Sawyer: Cos I ain't got a choice. 737 - More
Sawyer, Sayid 5.10 He's Our You Sayid: Who is that man? Sawyer: He's our you. 2,049 Tweet This Quote More
Charlie, Locke 3.03 Further Instructions Charlie: Hair spray? Now, I hate to be the one to point this out to you... Locke: It's not for me. 2,401 Tweet This Quote More
Jack, Kate 5.15 Follow The Leader Jack: All the misery that we've been through, we'd just wipe it clean, never happened. Kate: It was not all misery. Jack: Enough of it was. 662 - More
Ben, Richard 5.15 Follow The Leader Richard: I'm starting to think John Locke is gonna be trouble. Ben: Why do you think I tried to kill him? 755 - More
Ben, Flocke 5.15 Follow The Leader Ben: Why are we going to Jacob? Flocke: So I can kill him. 1,626 Tweet This Quote More
Charlie, Locke 2.12 Fire + Water Charlie: Who the hell are you, John? Aaron's not your responsibility! Where were you when he was born, where were you when he was taken? You're not his father, you're not his family! Locke: Neither are you, Charlie. 759 - More
Jack, Locke 1.25 Exodus, Part 3 Jack: I don't believe in destiny. Locke: Yes, you do. You just don't know it yet. 2,879 Tweet This Quote More
Desmond, Flocke 6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo Flocke: Why aren't you afraid? Desmond: Excuse me? Flocke: You're out here, middle of the jungle, with me, not a person on earth even knows you're here. Why aren't you afraid? Desmond: What is the point in being afraid? 626 - More
Ben, Ilana 6.07 Dr Linus Ben: Because he is the only one that will have me. Ilana: I'll have you. 1,316 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Roger 6.07 Dr Linus Roger: This isn't the life I wanted for you, Ben. I wanted so much more. Ben: I know. Roger: That's why I signed up for that damn Dharma Initiative, and took you to the island, they were decent people, smarter than I'll ever be. Imagine how different our lives would have been if we'd stayed. Ben: Yes we'd have both lived happily ever after. Roger: No I am serious, Ben. Who knows what you would have become? 643 - More
Ben, Frank 6.07 Dr Linus Frank: I was supposed to be flying it. Oceanic 815. Ben: And why didn't you? Frank: I overslept. Ben: Come on... Frank: Can you believe it? Imagine how different my life would be had that alarm gone off. Ben: How different would it have been? The island still got you in the end, didn't it? 678 - More
Ben, Ilana 6.07 Dr Linus Ilana: Pick it up and start digging. Ben: Dig what? Ilana: A grave. Ben: For who? Ilana: You murdered Jacob. It's for you. 682 - More
Ben, Miles 6.07 Dr Linus Miles: Not exactly tearing it up on the digging front are you? Ben: I'm not in a big hurry. 1,372 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Miles 6.07 Dr Linus Ben: Ilana's gonna murder me for killing Jacob, a man who didn't even care about being killed. Miles: No, he cared. Ben: Excuse me? Miles: Right up until the second the knife went through his heart, he was hoping he was wrong about you. I guess he wasn't. 709 - More
Jack, Richard 6.07 Dr Linus Richard: There's something I need to do. Jack: To do what? Richard: Die. 1,360 Tweet This Quote More
Jack, Michael 1.19 Deus Ex Machina Jack: Picking up on a little Korean there, Michael? Michael: Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know how to say, uh, "faster" and "idiot". 812 - More
Ben, Flocke 5.12 Dead Is Dead Flocke: You just make friends everywhere you go, don't you? Ben: Well I've found sometimes that friends can be significantly more dangerous than enemies, John. 727 - More
Ben, Flocke 5.12 Dead Is Dead Flocke: I think you're lying. Ben: Lying about what? Flocke: That you want to be judged for leaving the island and coming back because it's against the rules. I don't think you care about rules. Ben: Then what do I want to be judged for, John? Flocke: For killing your daughter. 775 - More
Ben, Flocke 5.12 Dead Is Dead Ben: How is it you know where you're going? Flocke: I just know. Ben: I mean how does that work exactly? Flocke: How does what work? Ben: The knowing, I mean did it come upon you gradually, or did you wake up one morning and suddenly understand the mysteries of the universe? 764 - More
Ben, Flocke 5.12 Dead Is Dead Flocke: You don't like this do you? Having to ask questions that you don't know the answers to. Blindly following someone in the hopes that they'll lead you to whatever it is you're looking for. Ben: No John, I don't like it at all. Flocke: Well, now you know what it was like to be me. 767 - More
Charlie, Hurley 2.18 Dave Hurley: Did either of you see a guy run through here... in a bathrobe... with a coconut? Charlie: No... I saw a polar bear on rollerblades with a mango. 1,628 - More
Jack, Sawyer 1.08 Confidence Man Jack: Get up! Sawyer: Why, you wanna see who's taller? 2,992 Tweet This Quote More
Jack, Sawyer 3.17 Catch-22 Jack: Where'd you get the table? Sawyer: You don't recognise it? It fell out of the purple haze when the hatch went blammo. If we don't play every 108 minutes the island's gonna explode. 790 - More
Jack, Kate 3.17 Catch-22 Kate: It's strange huh? Being back, not looking for a way out of a cage. Not finding a reason to go running off into the jungle again; I almost don't know what to do with myself. Jack: Well, enjoy it. I'm sure something will go wrong soon enough. 756 - More
Daniel, Miles 5.01 Because You Left Daniel: The island... think of the island like a record spinning on a turntable. Only now, that record is skipping. Whatever Ben Linus did down at the Orchid station... I think it may have... dislodged us. Miles: Dislodged us from what? Daniel: Time. 901 - More
Ben, Jack 5.01 Because You Left Jack: They're not my friends anymore. Ben: That's the spirit. 2,097 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Jack 5.01 Because You Left Jack: How did we get here? How did all of this happen? Ben: It happened because you left, Jack. 2,067 Tweet This Quote More
Locke, Richard 5.01 Because You Left Richard: Next time we see each other, I'm not gonna recognise you, all right? You give me this... Locke: What is this? Richard: It's a compass. Locke: What does it do? Richard: It points north, John... 774 - More
Locke, Richard 5.01 Because You Left Richard: The only way to save the island, John, is to get your people back here. The ones who left. Locke: Jack, Kate? But the chopper was headed for the boat. The boat... Richard: No, they're fine, John, and they're already home, so you have to convince them to come back. Locke: How... How am I supposed to do that? Richard: You're gonna have to die, John. 679 - More
Michael, Sawyer 2.02 Adrift Michael: Well I guess I know why the shark is hanging around. Your shoulder. Sawyer: Oh, well I'll just stop bleeding then. 774 - More
Sawyer, Tom 3.01 A Tale of Two Cities Tom: Hey, you got yourself a fish biscuit! How'd you do that? Sawyer: Figured out your complicated gizmos, thats how. Tom: It only took the bears two hours. Sawyer: How many of 'em were there? 780 - More
Jack, Juliet 3.01 A Tale of Two Cities Jack: What's your job, besides making sandwiches? Juliet: Oh, I didn't make it. I just put the toothpicks in. 784 - More
Ben, Jack 5.06 316 Jack: The other people on this plane, what's gonna happen to them? Ben: Who cares? 2,319 Tweet This Quote More
Ben, Jack 5.06 316 Jack: How can you read? Ben: My mother taught me. 2,329 Tweet This Quote More
Jack, Kate 5.06 316 Jack: You don't think that it means something? That somehow we're all back together? Kate: We're on the same plane, Jack. Doesn't make us together. 736 - More
Charlie, Claire - - Charlie: So... first plane crash? Claire: What gave it away? Charlie: Ah, you can always spot the newbies. 2,405 Tweet This Quote More
Hurley, Michael, Walt - - Hurley: What about the B-O-D-Y-S? Michael: What are you spelling, man? Bodies? Walt: B-O-D-I-E-S. 2,261 Tweet This Quote More
Carmen, Hurley - - Carmen: Who is Sayid? I thought he was your friend. Hurley: He is my freind, but he's also got this double life where he does crazy ninja moves and spy stuff... but he's a good guy. 797 - More
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