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250,000 quotes loaded
Sunday 20th December 2009 --- Category: Random Quote Generator Image Random Quote Generator Image

The Random Quote Generator Image has now been loaded a whole 250,000 times. That's a quarter of a million!!
"I'm sorry I went with Locke. I should have stayed with you." - Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (4.01 - The Beginning of the End)

Next up... 500,000, half a million!!!

LOST Season 6 Spanish Promo from Cuarto
Wednesday 2nd December 2009 --- Category: LOST News LOST News

This is a new Promo for LOST Season 6 from a Spanish network Cuarto.
A wise man said, life is a chess board, of days and nights where God plays with men as chess pieces, moves here and there. Gives check mate and kills, and piece by piece puts them back in their box. He has a destiny for the piece, for the player, and for God. Destiny is going to happen.

I think that's great. The chess board effect has been done brilliantly, with a nice little script, and then the Statue of Taweret being placed on the board. A very good promo video.