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LOST Season 6 Promo - LOST Supper
Thursday 7th January 2010 --- Category: LOST News LOST News

This is an interesting promotional photo.
LOST Season 6 Promo - LOST Supper
LOST Season 6 Promo - LOST Supper
Images courtesy of, click for a bigger image.
It's good to see Claire back, but there's no Desmond... it's interesting to see Locke resembling Jesus, being the focal point of the group... season 6 looks set to be a great send off for LOST.

LOST Season 6 Spanish Promo from Cuarto
Wednesday 2nd December 2009 --- Category: LOST News LOST News

This is a new Promo for LOST Season 6 from a Spanish network Cuarto.
A wise man said, life is a chess board, of days and nights where God plays with men as chess pieces, moves here and there. Gives check mate and kills, and piece by piece puts them back in their box. He has a destiny for the piece, for the player, and for God. Destiny is going to happen.

I think that's great. The chess board effect has been done brilliantly, with a nice little script, and then the Statue of Taweret being placed on the board. A very good promo video.

Season 6 Non-Official Promo Video
Friday 14th August 2009 --- Category: LOST News LOST News

Just found a fan made promo video for Season 6 - SPOILER FREE
I think it's quite cool. The speech from Locke at the start reminds us of Season 1, seeing Jacob when talking about being bought by the island, seeing Jack with the bomb when Locke was saying Jack will one day believe in destiny... shows how it all comes together. Then, the speech about people coming, fighting, destroying, and corrupting, with the Losties doing just that. Plus, there's that classic music playing throughout. Destiny Calls... Destiny Found...

Lost Season 6 gains an extra hour
Sunday 5th July 2009 --- Category: LOST News LOST News

The final season of Lost has just gotten a bit longer: ABC announced they are adding an extra hour to the popular drama's sixth and final season.

Previously, fans were informed season six would last a paltry 17 hours; now, however, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reports via Twitter that the upcoming season will be a staggering 18 hours "including a two-hour premier and a two-hour finale."

Lost should return to TV early in 2010.