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A short guide to
Saturday 4th July 2009 --- Category: Site Information Site Information

This is the homepage for the site, where you can see the random quote generator signature image, the code to add it to your site or forum signature, as well as counts of the number of quotes loaded and the number of quotes in the database. There is also a quote from the initial LOST advert shown in the UK.

This is where you can see every single quote available in the database, that are shown on the random quote generator image. You can see the character, episode number, episode name, the quote itself, the number of times it has been loaded and, if the quote is short enough, a link to post the quote directly to Twitter.

There is also a basic search feature for the quotes page. You can choose to filter quotes by character or season, order them by character, episode number episode name, quote, or times loaded, in ascending or descending order. You can also choose to search for a particular word or phrase to narrow your search.

The submit page allows you to submit a quote to the database. Only the quote is required, however the character, episode number and episode name is useful to add if applicable. Quotes are then added to the moderation queue. Below the submission form there is a list of the last 10 approved or rejected submissions made; pending submissions are not shown. If your quote is approved, it will be added to the quotes list to be used in the random quote generator signature image.

Feedback, Report and Contact
These three pages are for you to submit any feedback you have about the site, to report any problems you have with the site, or to contact me personally. All correspondence submitted here will be seen and considered.

If you have any suggestions for the site, feel free to use the feedback or contact page, or leave a comment.