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Single quote view complete
Sunday 19th July 2009 --- Category: Site Information Site Information

The single quote view is now complete. To view these pages, click the 'More' link from the quotes page or search results. Here, you will see the quote, the character, episode details, the number of times the quote has been loaded, and a link to post the quote to Twitter. If applicable, there will be a 'more quotes from this character' link that will give you a list of other quotes by the character of the main quote you are viewing, which you can click; if there are no other quotes by the character of the main quote you are viewing, this link will not be shown. Also, the name of the character is click-able; when you click it you will get the character's full name, a picture of them, their state, and their centric episodes; if the main quote you are viewing is from a centric episode of the character, the episode name will be bold in the list of centric episodes.