How does the random quote generator image work??
The random quote generator image does not work by having an image for each quote; a PHP script selects a random quote from the database, and 'prints' it to the image. This means that you can put the URL to the PHP script in <img> or [img] tags and the image will show, as the output of the script is a PNG image. When the script is run and displays a quote, it also increments the number of times that quote has been loaded, and also adds to the count on the home page of how many times the image has been loaded. The smaller images only load quotes short enough to be posted to Twitter, to make sure they fit on the smaller image.
You can see a list of all of the background images available, along with code to add them to your forum signature, website, or use them as an avatar, here.

What information is collected when using the image??
The only information collected about you when you use the image is the domain the image is being loaded on. For example, if you put the image onto your blog, which has a URL of, the domain will be recorded, in this case, This information is never shared and is recorded purely to see where the image is being used.
You are more than welcome to opt out of this information being recorded. To do this, in the code you use to show the image, at the end of the URL, add norecord/ - this will tell the image not to record the URL; instead, it will say 'Opted Out' in the database, so I know the image has been used, but I cannot see where.

Why do I get an error when I try and use the image??
It depends what the error is.
If you're using the image as an avatar, you'd need to put the URL to the image in the text box provided where you're trying to use it. However, the .php file extension may be disabled for security reasons, meaning it wouldn't be possible to use it on that site.
If you get a broken image symbol, make sure you've got the correct code from the images page. Also check the main site to see if it is down; if it is, images won't work either and will show as broken. If nothing shows at all, or you've encountered another error, feel free to contact me with the error you're having.

Can I remove the '' text from the images??
Not currently.
Do I have to link back to the site when I use the image??
Nope, it's optional. The images page gives you the code you can use to put the image on your site or in your forum signature, you have the choice of linking back or not.
Can I submit backgrounds to use on the quote generator image??
Sure. If you have an image you want to use, contact me with the URL to where you've saved it (for example ImageShack) and I'll take a look. Images must be 444x111 (normal signature image) 222x84 (small signature image) or 100x100 (avatars) and must be in .png format.
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